renée laviolette


While I was a designer at OFS Brands, I planned two large sales reps awards dinners. Both were held at the University Club of Chicago and with the help of their team, my ideas came to life. 

I wanted 2015's sales awards dinner to emulate our latest NeoCon showroom and really showcase how much OFS Brands had grown in the past year. So this dinner had to be bigger and classier than ever, while still being a blast for all guests. Navy jute table clothes were chosen for their modern yet classy aesthetic. White and copper arrangements brought in a touch of trendy. The event was expanded to use two rooms. The main room was used for dinner, the award ceremony, music and dancing. The smaller side room was for a photo booth and conversation. Each room had a bar to keep the lines short and the guests happy. Dinner started off with a surprise champagne march and celebratory toast to get the guests excited. It set the tone for the rest of the night. The custom awards were designed by me and were done in house at one of our plants.

2015 photography by Steven Reese
2014 photography by Phil Farber